CorePlayer Mobile and Pro v1.2.4 は,FLV 再生が可能に。

Windows Mobile で使える多機能マルチメディアプレイヤ,CorePlayer が,遂に FLV の再生に対応したようですよ!

今まで TCPMP ではプラグインで再生できたのですが,CorePlayer では初ですね,ユーザの方,おめでとう!

CorePlayer Mobile and Pro v1.2.4

CorePlayer Platform
Version 1.2.4 build 4204 (4187 for Symbian) (20080509):

- FIX: YouTube seeking issues
- FIX: YouTube navigation on small screens
- FIX: Busy indicator on Palm and Symbian
- FIX: Revision3 RSS reading (watch out for the huge bandwidth needs)
- FIX: Keyframe issue on some rare AVC streams
- FIX: OS X: fix some display issues
- FIX: OS X: Conversion of some UTF16 strings
- FIX: Symbian: TCP/UDP connections are less blocking and more stable
- FIX: Symbian: Audio handling is more robust
- FIX: Symbian: UIQ3 backlight issues
- FIX: Symbian: Possible crash when playing MP3 and AVC
- FIX: Win32: File association on Vista
- ADD: FLV playback support (no VP6)
- ADD: F4V file extension
- ADD: Get the duration from RSS feeds
- ADD: Option to keep the screen on when playing audio files (too)
- ADD: Reading cover art from Zune folders
- ADD: Symbian: Keep the preferred access point in the preferences
- ADD: Symbian: Show the currently selected item in enums
by 66bbb | 2008-05-10 07:55 | PC, Software, Web