Uninstall Tool 1.3 2005/11/01

Uninstall Tool : XPiS Software
Version history

1.3 -> 'Jump to' feature to navigate the item in the registry
(Unicode build) TAB switch removed (filter now is always on)
Show warnings (with new icon in the statusbar) when uninstall failes
Ukranian and Spanish languages added
Language strings moved to resources (add new language by contacting me)
Bug with waiting for child processes fixed
Saving selection in the list for all actions
Mouse scrolling fixes when Smooth-scroll feature is on
No list refresh when switching languages
Many small buxfixes

1.2a -> some filter box minor fixes

1.2 -> filter box to filter installed applications list (thanks to REM)
no the program waits for all uninstaller's child process
minimum window position handling
statusbar update while uninstalling
info icon in the status bar added
nice credits :) - see about dialog for details
some tooltip fixes
ability to show only current user installed software feature REMOVED
saving position fixes
many misc bug fixes (thanks to all who reported them!)

1.1 -> ability to add/remove windows components
cool and more informative tooltips added
finally help added!
ability to show only current user installed software
saving the list to a .html file
red color added to indicate items without uninstallation
french, dutch languages added
window position saved
more informative statusbar with colorful icons
main icon changed
bug: menu items remained grayed if uninstallation program didn't start
window resizing fix
listbox coloring fixes
many windows 9x compatibility bugs fixed
loading fix - became evean faster!
quit on escape fix: options are saved now
great memory leaks (thanks to BoundChecker) found and fixed

1.0 beta 3 -> multilingual support added, russian language added
status label added
saving the list to a .txt file
horizontall scrollbar added
minor interface improvements
now pressing Enter means uninstalling selected program - not quit :)
keyboard accelerator fixes
window resizing fix

1.0 beta 2 -> ability to check whether uninstallation was successfull
now icons are in 256 colors mode for compatibility with Windows versions < XP
project recompiled with VC++ 6 for compatibility with Windows versions < XP
restores the selection after uninstallation

1.0 beta 1 -> (!) First public release

means "new feature"
means "bug fix"
by 66bbb | 2005-12-30 10:51 | PC, Software, Web