Windows Mobile Device Center の端末画像を i780 に変更する

WinMo デバイスのWindows フォルダに i780 の画像の sync.ico を追加して再接続する (超意訳) とこんな感じになるっぽい。ico ファイルは地味に作るのめんどくさいの (変換だけだけど実にめんどくさい) で xda にファイルが添付されてたのでそれを使うがよろし。
多分,日本で唯一 i780 未だに使ってるユーザだと思う・・・。

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[17Oct08] Samsung SGH-i780 WM6.1 Build 20273 ROM - V5X HH5 KITCHEN - Post #303

Just a new little improvement, the sync.ico.

This file is useful for Vista and Win Server 2008 (both 32 and 64 bit) users.

Just copy the file in the \windows directory of the smartphone, and then the look of vista will change as you can see on the attacched images.

All will happen "automagically" if the phone is connected for the first time.

If not, you have to connect the phone, remove it from device manager, disconnect the phone, and plug it again.

The icon was done by the user Endymion, and fixed by me.

Edit 07/28/2008:

Uploaded a further improved sync.ico
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