GreatNews Ver 1.0 Beta (Build 296)

GreatNews Ver 1.0 Beta (Build 296)


なんか GreatNews日本語化パッチ すぐできました。英語版のリソース毎回少しずつ変わっていってますね。相変わらず適当ですので自己責任でどうぞ。

どちらも同じファイルです。ダウンロードカウンターに反映されるかされないかの違い。 (DL Counter) (2005/04/09) (Direct)


+ New Features * Changes to existing functions
- Bug fixed / Feature removed

Ver 1.0 Beta (Build 296) released on 4/8/2005
* In most cases, Channel Update will now bypass local cache

- Fixed some proxy compatibility issues

- Fixed another bug related to invalid rss feed handling

- Fixed several bugs that may crash GreatNews while decoding invalid rss feeds. (Thanks hpw)

- Added accelerator key to Tools menu (Thanks amber)

- Fixed a bug that GN may hang when adding channel (thanks lgm)

- Fixed some issues with GB18030 encoding

by 66bbb | 2005-04-09 09:10 | PC, Software, Web