GreatNews Ver 1.0 Beta

海外製RSS リーダ GreatNews が Ver 1.0 Beta (Build 293) Release on 3/31/2005 にアップデート。

+ New Features * Changes to existing functions
- Bug fixed / Feature removed

Ver 1.0 Beta (Build 293) Release on 3/31/2005
+ Major improvement on compatibility with invalid rss feeds. Now GreatNews can read from most of them.

* Mouse over channels in red text displays why the channel updates failed.

+ News Watch option to mark matched news items as read during channel update.

+ Update channel explicitly by using menu command will bypass local cache.

+ Ctrl+PageUp/Down now turn to previous/next page in reading pane

- Fixed the problem that channels.opml is missing from setup packages (Thanks Havas)

- Fixed a bug that sometimes sync channels cannot be added. (Thanks actlix)

- Fixed a bug that GreatNews may display wrong encoding (thanks Max.Liu)

* "N seconds to mark read" comes back
Quite a few users are used to use this function. So it's been put back in. Choose from mark read interactively or automatically in Options->Reading

- Fixed a bug that the Next> link may incorrectly mark group as read under certain situation

- Fixed a bug that GreatNews repeatly download a feed if the feed has no timestamp, no guid and no link (thanks hpw)

- Fixed a bug that channel "Don't update automatically" option doesn't always work (thanks atclix)

- Fixed a bug that GreatNews cannot update a feed if it has no timestamp, no guid, and all news items have the same link (thanks Philharmania)

- Fixed a bug that a bloglines-sync channel doesn't update its icon when it's detached from bloglines

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