WinMoSquare Alpha Build 2010.04.20.01 がリリース(320 スクエア画面にも対応)

foursquare の WM 版クライアント,WinMoSquare の最新版がリリースされたとメールがありました。メールアドレスをウェブサイトから登録しておくとメールマガジンが配信される仕組みになっています。ダウンロードは, から。

前回までのバージョンは,320x320 の画面サイズで起動ができませんでしたが,今回のバージョンはうまく起動できました。SC-01B でも SGH-i780 でもこれでやっと使えることになりますね。

Thank you!
We appreciate your business.
We appreciate your interest in the WinMoSquare application for on Windows Mobile.

We greatlyappreciate you participating in the WinMoSquare beta, and we are pleased to inform you that there is a new build available for you now.

WinMoSquare Alpha 2010.04.20.01

* Added code to determine location based off cell tower
* Added code to determine location based off wifi connections
* Added code to determine location based of IP address
* Better error and exception handling
* Various small and minor fixes throughout

You can find the latest version of the WinMoSquare application at:

If you have any problems with today's build you can always roll back to the previous build here.

NOTE:WinMoSquare does require the latest version .NET Compact Framework 3.5. If you do not already have it installed on your device you may download it from here.

NOTE:We currently have well over a thousand beta testers on WinMoSquare, so if you have sent us an email and you haven't gotten a response back yet, please be patient. Please be aware we may not be able to respond to every email individually, but we do read every single email we get.

What's next? We need any and all feedback you can provide us. Please send it to Our goal is for WinMoSquare to be the best application for Windows Mobile and we will definitely need everyone's best feedback to make that a reality.

Please note all feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc., do become the property of Touchality, LLC upon receipt.

The Touchality Team

Freeware Pocket PC では,WinMoSquare beta v0.10 freeware for Windows Mobile Phone. となっていますが,モノは同じものだと思います。

FourSquareのWMアプリ β2がリリースされたようです。 - satowe_blogT-01A(WM 6.5)で WinMoSquareを使ってみる - 薩摩藩中仙道蕨宿別邸 で,フレンド取得のバグについて検証がされていますねー。

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