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PlayingTitle Ver.0.2.0
Regnessem Plugin


私の要望 でそのうち 作者BSplayerプレイリストに対応 してくださいます
あ、なんか こんなバグがあるらしい です。一応書き込んだの俺じゃないですよっと

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 303)
中国製RSSリーダー、過去記事も残るし MS .NET Framework 不要で MS .NET Framework が入れられないOS環境の人へ (それは俺)
なんと今回からiniファイルの多言語対応へ。俺が 日本語パッチ作成 しててそのリファラーで対応してくれたんかな。中国暴動あったから日本語に対応しないとは思ったけど。
# GW中に言語ファイル作成してアップします

International language interface(View->Language)
English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language packs are now available
Added "Detach From Bloglines" in Channel Organizer to detach sync channels in batch
Added the ability to disable channel group
Performance improvement.
Now GreatNews starts up quickly even you have subscribed hundreds of rss feeds.
Added Channel->Refresh command to refresh unread counts
Sort by column.
Clicking on news list columns to circle through ascending, desecending, default sorting
Added an option in Cleanup Wizard to control whether to compress data file after cleanup
Added Help->Visit GreatNews Forum menu. (Thanks sigh)
Right click menu in news list no longer refresh the reading pane.
This makes setting labels a little bit easier
Double click at a channel will update the channel, if user doesn't use single click update option (Thanks Havas)
Open Unread Group will open unread channel at root level if there's no unread group. (Thanks tdiingks)
Fixed the bug that search channels don't show up in Cleanup Wizard and Channel Organizer (Thanks TCK)
Fixed the bug that drag/dropping channel with unread item will mess up unread count
Fixed the bug that "Open Unread Group" didn't work when invoked from menu bar (Thanks Havas)
Fixed the bug that add/detach bloglines sync channels causes incorrect unread count (thanks atclix)
Fixed the issue that F7/F8 won't mark channel/group as read

メモリの掃除屋さん 1.62a 正式版

CCleaner v1.19.105

- Added automatic update checking.
- New redesigned Options section.
- Issues are now selected by default.
- Added Cancel button to Analyze feature.
- Tools section now opens much faster.
- Added setting to hide the backup issues prompt.
- Fixed IE Cache cleaning on Non-English systems.
- Fixed website links, so they work on all machines.
- Fixed some window resizing errors.
- Fixed bug in applications tree when switching languages.
- Fixed applications section order with winapp2.ini.
- Fixed bug in shutdown process.
- Fixed bug when invalid cookie is found.
- Fixed 'subscript out of range' error on issue fixing.
- Minor restyling to Tools.
- Adding cleaning for MS Snapshot Viewer.
- Updated eMule cleaning.
- Updated Media Player Classic cleaning.
- Updated MS Office 2003 cleaning.
- Fixed MS Office cleaning to stop settings being deleted.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.

##### TetriNET Software #####

Blocktrix 0.14 Beta Released

aTwin とは逆のコンセプトというか、より重いが多機能なソフトウェアになってるなー。Bloxktrix って微妙な位置づけだよな。なんつうか一時期の TetriNET2 みたい。更新情報は追いかけてるけど、あんまり Blocktirix プレイする気はない、ハッハ。キーリピートをクライアント側で処理してるのも気に食わんわい

- Upgraded Tcl/Tk scripting engine to 8.4.9
- Made Application/Fields windows re-sizable
- Added /team alias to aliases.tcl (Suggested by jett)
- Fixed kick bug in TNet mode (Reported by can_of_olives)
- Added clickable hyperlink support to partyline (Suggested by Sandi)
- Fixed another floating piece bug (Reported by many)
- Fixed a bug with player leaving a game in progress (Reported by can_of_olives)
- Made Partyline not scroll down when user is scrolling through
previous text (Requested by can_of_olives)
- Fixed bug with sending added lines in non-classic mode (Reported by Teemu)
- Added option to switch to partyline on connect (Suggested by jochen)
- Disabled password edit for spec mode when connecting
- Added game_over sound effect to themes for when game ends (Requested by AndyW)
- Added playsound Tcl command (see Blocktrix-tcl.txt for usage)
- Added "piecedrop" to options for enhanced TNet mode, such that the client
sends 'pd ' when the client has dropped a block
- Added 4 Tcl variables: $lastgamestats, $lastpiecestats, $lastspecstats, $lastholestats
which return all the player's statistics from the previous game, the console
player's piece statistics, the specials stats distributed onto the console player's
field, and the hole distribution in each of the 12 columns,
respectively. (See Blocktrix-tcl.txt)
- Fixed a colour stripping bug
- Fixed a bug with hole distribution in 12th column for added lines
- Included an Iberian portuguese language file (Provided by Miguel Martins)
- Moved language files to their own directory
- Fixed a bug with fields not being cleared when a user is kicked (Reported by can_of_olives)

##### おまけ #####
MUFAS のシングルまだ買ってない
永遠のハバナ 大阪上映決定したから十三まで見に行くよ
by 66bbb | 2005-04-29 19:21 | PC, Software, Web | Comments(6)
Commented by NeoCosmo at 2005-05-01 12:06 x
こんにちは。GreatNews をご愛用してくださってありがとうございます。ご存知の通りに最新版の GreatNews は多言語 UI に対応しはじめるので、あなたの翻訳作品を楽しみにしております。
Commented by 66bbb at 2005-05-01 20:13
Commented by NeoCosmo at 2005-05-02 21:48 x
再びありがとうございます。もう気づいたかもしれませんが、言語ファイルの中のストリングはまだ不完備です。それは続いて更新します。ところで、昨夜、最新 Nighly Build をリリースされました。ダウンロードはこちらです:
Commented by 66bbb at 2005-05-03 10:16
RSS Readerの中で一番好きなソフトです。Nighly Build も使用してみます。

2)Excite Blog ( BLOG,Rental blog service) の更新チェックができません。Blog側かソフトウェアのバグでしょうか?
Commented by NeoCosmo at 2005-05-04 11:01 x
2)Excite Blog ( BLOG,Rental blog service) の更新チェックができません。Blog側かソフトウェアのバグでしょうか?

この問題については、こちらで試してみたら、更新できますよ。あまり問題点がわかりませんので、もっと詳しく問題を述べていただけませんか?ちなみに、私は次の二つの FEED( とを試しました。
Commented by 66bbb at 2005-05-04 12:07

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